Have You Heard About GDPR? Here’s How It Affects Your Business

May 30, 2018

There is a lot of buzz and a lot of questions recently over what’s called GDPR. Most people don’t yet know what it is but everyone who has a website needs to understand GDPR and be on their way to making sure they are GDPR compliant. Here are the basics behind GDPR:

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and it came into effect on May 25th after passage by the European Union. The law behind GDPR is meant to protect EU consumers and ensure their online information is being collected and used properly. The extent of information being collected on individuals that falls under GDPR regulations is vast. It can include any piece of information that can be used to identify a single individual such as their name or location, but also extends to things like IP address, cell phone number, email, and even social media profiles.

“But I don’t do business in the EU so I don’t need to worry about GDPR, right”

Close. Any business is subject to GDPR regulations if it collects personal data on any individual residing in the EU. Having a website (even as a US based company) can still be visited by residents of the EU. But most US based businesses probably don’t have too much to worry about unless they have a significant EU presence or specifically market to European residents.

The good news is that most 3rd party applications and components used on your website are already being updated to comply with GDPR without you needing to do anything yourself. If your website uses services such as Google Analytics, Facebook plug-ins, or email newsletter sign ups, the companies behind those services are already updating their software and user processes to be GDPR compliant.

It’s still worth the effort to ensure that your website & marketing efforts are up to GDPR standards. Discuss with your web & digital marketing consultant if there’s anything that needs to be changed about your current technology and online processes to be in line with GDPR.


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