How To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Business

July 21, 2018

If you’re a modern business owner, then SEO, digital marketing, and driving traffic to your site are probably top of mind. However, this can be easier said than done. And to avoid common pitfalls, you need to use the right strategies. Here is how to increase your organic traffic so you can get more conversions and avoid paying for ads.

Perform Market Research

While you understand your business better than most, you still need to do market research to drive online traffic organically. Use Google Keyword Planner to understand which keywords in your niche are getting the most traffic. Then, apply those keywords to your content, so it is more easily found in the search engines. Understand, however, that while higher volume keywords have more traffic, they are also more competitive to rank for.

Make it Shareable

When it comes to creating content for your business, it needs to have the customer in mind. You should be doing market research to understand their wants and needs, and craft posts and articles that are useful, interesting, and easy to consume.

When you accomplish this trifecta, they will be much more likely to return to your site and share it with their friends. With helpful and digestible blog posts, you’ll be able to create content that continues to drive traffic to your business without spending more money.

Respect the Offsite Optimization

Getting more traffic to your business is about more than just the content on your site, as important as it may be. You also need to clean up your off site strategy. This includes getting backlinks and crafting your meta descriptions.

For backlinks, these entail getting big players in your industry, or reputable sites in general, to link to your site as a resource. Google crawls these sites, and when they see your link, you will get a lift in your SEO rankings because of their authority. With meta descriptions, they are meant for people to read and not the crawlers. Still, they are essential because they act like copywriting that encourages higher click-through rates.

If you want to compete in your industry, then you have to master the art of driving organic traffic. With this kind of traffic, you set it up once, and it works for you forever, without having to pay to play like other traffic sources. So don’t miss out on your chance to boost your visibility online, implement the tips above and enjoy more traffic and conversions than ever before.

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