How Webinars Are Changing the Face of Business

June 10, 2018

Webinars are the next big thing in both business marketing and personal education. Now, an entire company can make sure their employees all receive the same level of training by hosting a live webinar for all. Participants can learn a new skill and still ask real-time questions on live chat to facilitate better understanding of the subject being discussed. Webinars are also becoming an effective marketing tool.

Employees can receive better training from the convenience of their desks

It’s no secret that the age of the traditional donuts-and-coffee meeting with a bunch of silent, glassy-eyed employees sitting around a table is out. And your business can’t afford to keep using managers for repetitive trainings when their time could be better used elsewhere. Webinars solve this problem by providing a live, online teaching session with engaging tools like desktop sharing, collaborative whiteboards, polls, and live chat for discussion. This encourages group interaction and participation right inside your employees’ comfort zone: their desk.  

And the best part? There are always webinar replays, which give you the opportunity to see that bit again, remind yourself of step number four, and replay that great question someone else asked at the end.

Security increases across the board

Security companies, data specialists, and information technicians can now coordinate their efforts via live webinars. This is particularly helpful whenever there is a major update in their systems, such as Patch Tuesday, which is the second Tuesday of every month, when Microsoft releases all of its latest software updates and newest network releases.

Thanks to webinars, these companies which are devoted to privacy, security, information safety, and virus elimination can keep themselves up-to-date all across the board.

Big-business advertising becomes more personal

Now, with webinars, large, seemingly impersonal corporations can connect personally and intimately with their customers regarding their products and services. Friendly, clean-cut CEOs can demonstrate on a live webcam how to use their products in various ways, how some of their customers personalize their services, and answer some of their most frequently asked questions. This is a great way for something that seems large and impersonal to actually show that it is friendly, efficient, functional, and engaging.

Have you given a webinar before? If not, it might be time to start. Let me know if you need help personalizing your sales & marketing digital offerings. 



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